The 10th Regular Synod declared the period from June 2017 to May 2020 as a triennium for Mission Re-invigoration to give particular focus, energy and resources to the following:
1. The mobilization of the ECP constituency during the next 18 months towards
completing the targets for Vision 2018;

2. The conduct of a visioning process that will include diocesan consultations
and a national summit to build into the accomplishments of Vision 2018 and craft the vision of this church for the future;

3. The comprehensive review of the Constitution and Canons of this Church in order to open up its structures and canonical framework to a more dynamic and vibrant mission work.

In order to operationalize this resolution, the following plan of action and timetable are hereby proposed for the consideration of the dioceses:
I. National Consultation-Assessment of Accomplishments – December 12-13, 2017
2. 2018 Diocesan Conventions – 1sr Quarter of 2018;
3. Congregational Consultations – 2nd Quarter of 2018;
4. Deanery Consultations – July-August 2018
5. Diocesan Consultations – Sept-Oct 2018
6. National Summit – November 2018
7. 2019 Diocesan Conventions – 1st Quarter 2019;
8. Diocesan Consultations on Constitution and Canons – 2nd Quarter 2019;
9. National Consultation on Constitution and Canons – November 2019;
10. 2020 Provincial Synod – May 2020.

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