SECTION 1. Mission Stations, Parishes and Institutions situated within a specified geographical area, may be created as a Deanery by Convention upon recommendation of the Bishop and the Commission on Constitution, Canons, and Church Structure.

SECTION 2. The governance of the Deanery shall be vested in the Bishop through the Dean, who shall be elected by the Deanery from among the clergy resident in the Deanery. The Dean shall serve for a period of two (2) years and may be rejected for another term.

SECTION 3. The duties of the Dean shall be:

To promote the interest of the programs of the Diocese and the Church within the Deanery

To visit Parishes and Missions within the Deanery at least three times a year to confer with the clergy , vestry and mission council

To see to it that policies, programs and projects are properly within the Deanery for seven (7) days and indorse to the Bishop vacation and sick leaves for more than seven days.

SECTION 4. The Deanery may elect other officers as it may deem necessary and such officers shall be under the supervision of the Dean. In the absence of the Dean, the Deanery Conference shall elect from among the clergy a Presiding Officer.

SECTION 5. The Deanery Conference shall meet at least three (3) times a year and may set up guidelines, rules, and policies of its own, consistent with the Constitution, Canons of teh church to facilitate effective administration of the Deanery. Such guidelines, rules and policies shall be approved by the Ecclesiastical Authority of the Diocese.

SECTION 6. The Deanery shall form thier own program committees to execute and carry out its programs, consistent with the programs of the Church and this Diocese, and shall determine the scope of the work, functions, duties and memberships of such. The following my be formed.