1. There are now three Full Fledge Parishes in metro Baguio when the clustered congregations of Sts. Nicholas, Matthias and Joseph responded to the challenge of becoming a Full Fledge Parish.
  2. The non-parish stations/congregations in the deanery are actively participating in the 10% solution program of the diocese.
  3. The BSA, ECW and choir are self-supporting.
  4. Measures are being worked out for the establishments of Income Generating Projects and Cooperatives in some stations.
  5. Pledging and tithing are being strengthened in all local churches by continues stewardship campaigns.
  6. Completion of St. Paul’s church building and repaired the Emmanuel church building.
  7. Completion of the worship area of the St. Matthias Church building
  8. Extension of the St. Joseph the Carpenter Church building
  9. The Holy Innocents Episcopal Church had settled its loans from St. Luke’s Medical Center.
  10. Every member canvass
  11. Repair and repainting of the Twin Chapels
  12. Repair of the Cathedral roofings.


  1. Strengthening of church organizations by fully supporting their programs.
  2. Giving priority to Christian education by deliberate implementation of programs pertaining to Sunday School, Bible Study, VCS, fellowship and series of lectures.
  3. Strengthening churchmanship through Retreats and Lay Training programs.


  1. Inner City Ministry- On going City jail and Hospital ministry
  2. Strong lay participation and involvement in pastoral visitations
  3. Involvement in the community such as presence in some city, barangay and school affairs, and participation in Medical Missions.
  4. Regularized Sunday services in Irisan outstation
  5. Twin Chapels ministry- wakes, vigils, burials
  6. Dormitory ministry

        *Results of the above-mentioned programs:

  • Increase of Sunday School and Vacation Church School children and teachers
  • Increase in Sunday attendance
  • More trained and equipped Lay ministers
  • Increase in church membership and pledgers


  1. For St. Paul and Emmanuel Church to be a full fledge parish not later than 2018.
  2. For the current organized missions in the deanery to reach parish-hood by the year 2018.
  3. For the Irisan outstation to be accepted as an organized mission next convention
  4. Full establishment of BSA chapters in congregations without BSA organization.
  5. Construction of a church building along Asin Road.
  6. Establishment of Trinity Multi-Purpose Cooperative.
  7. Make Bible Study, Sunday School and VCS as regular programs of all the local churches in the deanery.
  8. Search for possible expansion areas.
  9. For HIEC to settle its loans with the diocese within this year.
  10. For HIEC to hire a new choir conductor.
  11. To finish improvements of the basement of the HIEC rectory.
  12. To develop the church lot in front of the Easter Weaving Room.
  13. To expand the worship area of St. Mary and Martha of Bethany chapel
  14. To fence the church lot in Irisan.
  15. To improve the basement of St. Matthias Church.
  16. To improve the basement of St. Joseph the Carpenter Church.
  17. Continue the every member canvass.
  18. Continue the formation of discipleship groups-started by the Cathedral
  19. Continue tapping and training more Pastoral and Bible Study leaders, acolytes and lay ministers.
  20. To build a church for St. Timothy Mission n Dagsian.
  21. To open a new preaching station in Kadaclan Village or in Monticello above Zigzag Road
  22. Reactivate the preaching station in Bontoc village.
  23. Painting of the San Vicente Episcopal Church.