Report to 2012 Convention


The highlights of the BSA EDNCP District, was the hosting of the Gold Field BSA Deanery of the Annual BSA EDNCP District Fellowship, with the theme “Equipping (Equipped) BSA…Living the Faith Mt. 22:37-38, Mt. 28:19-20, 2 Thessalonians 1:3 and 3:4 held at the Cathedral of the Resurrection Mission Hall, EDNCP Compound, Magsaysay Ave., Baguio City on November 18, 2011 respectively.

I. Statistical Information on Membership

Years 2010 – 46 chapters, 2011 –47

II. Brief Accomplishment (Self Reliance, Renewal and Reaching Out)

II.1. Election of new BSA District officers conducted during the BSA District Convention, that will serve from 2011 – 2013.

II.2. Approved of the plan to make program of activities to be implemented during the term; (1) Prepare and Implement a modular and ladderized formal Christian Education; (2) conduct a yearly District BSA fellowship in the first 2 years; (3) conduct BSA District convention; (4) Review the BSA-EDNCP District constitution and by-laws; (5) face lift a church building of at least 1 chapter in a year; (6) admit at least 2 chapters in a year, and (7) strengthen the A Peso A Day Habit.

II.3. Prepare and implement a modular and ladderized formal Christian Education was attributed to different concerned committees of the Diocese for discussion and consideration and it resulted to the creation of the Lay Training Institute, 25 persons were enrolled and hold classes every Saturday.

II.4. Replacement of expired I.D. cards of BSA members was through Deanery level. Instrument to census the actual individual member.

II.5. From the seven action plans two items had been responded the remaining plans were scheduled for deliberation, ongoing and uphold.

II.6. Aside from District BSA activities, the Deanery BSA and chapter BSA’s had highlighted their activities in their areas. Inter Deanery Fellowship with EDNCP District BSA. New BSA Chapter Organized at the church of the Annunciation, to be accepted this year. Labor force-construction of St. Aidan’s Church in Antamok, Pegueyna, Sinipsip and Gravel Pit, Lepanto and St. Dunstan Church, Manaba.

II.7. The District BSA Annual Fellowship, hosted by Gold Field Deanery, held at the Cathedral of the Resurrection Mission Hall with 88 delegates. It commence with a service with an inspiring message delivered by Bro. Bishop Joel A. Pachao. It was acted that the homily be reproduced and be distributed to the various BSA to be incorporated to their Deanery and Chapter BSA programs as part of the District BSA this year. The following activities came after;

7.1. Bible Study was considered the main core of the Annual BSA fellowship facilitated by Bro. Braille Van Reyes wit the following particular topics; (1) An equipped BSA Don’t Just Live the Faith he is committed to fulfill the five tasks that Christ ordained for His Church to accomplish, responding to the basic question, “is not what is the BSA rather where is the BSA 2”. (2) Equipping the BSA (Purpose and Task), Living the Faith (Commitment in life. (3) Circles of commitment (Who We Do It With, Community, Crowd, Congregation, Committed and Crowd, 5 C’s) GOALl: To move people from the outer circles (low commitment/maturity) to inner circles (high commitment/maturity). THROUGH: Worship, Fellowship Discipleship, Ministry and Evangelism. (4) Lastly, What We Do (Life Development) Committed to membership, Committed to Maturity, Committed to Ministry and Committed to Missions/My Life Mission.

7.2. Sharing, Testimonial, Open Forum, it is a collective and individual witnessing among delegates specifically; (1) About Knowing Christ – Leading People to Christ and Church Membership. (2) Growing in My Ministry and (4) Sharing Christ – Developing My Life Mission. It is a profound part of the fellowship that encouraged many participants without doubts and debate but acceptance and adherence to the “Church Greatest Responsibility”, Witnessing.

II.8 EDNCP District BSA’s active participation in the National BSA Conference in Tabuk, December 6-8, 2011.


III.1. To continue with resolved the way of life of the BSA still in relation to the 3 Disciplines of Prayer. Study and Service.

III.2. To continue to support the creation of the perpetual Endowment Fund for Saint Andrew’s Seminarian, and an Avenue to invite, nurture and uphold BSA to be sent in the Seminary and called to serve.

III.3. Operation facelift at the Episcopal Church of the Good Shephered, Mangaan Santol.

III.4. EDNCP BSA Mt. Pulag Climb for Christ III- Kabayan Mission through Mt.Trail Deanery BSA.

The BSA EDNCP Annual District Fellowship commenced with one of it’s kind manifestation of “Living the Faith”, impeaching the assumption “Barket Sa Abes / Buteng Si Ama”. The BSA leave and departed as a fellowship, faithfully quoting the last sentences of Bro. Jerome Gawidan’s message saying “We Live the Faith” and Bro. Joel A. Pachao’s in His message. “Nasayaat ti Inaramidyo ken Mapagtalkan Kayo a BSA. Umay Kayo Makipagragsak Kaniak.” Amen!!! Sapay koma ta Kasta!!!

A blessed and a Happy Convention.

So Move!!!

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BSA EDNCP District President