Easter Road, Guisad, Baguio City
Website: http://www.eastercollege.ph

The mission and objectives are basic to a school organization. The school shows evidences of a sense of direction, and a reason for being. Below are the Vision-Mission and Objectives.


An academic community rooted in the Holy Scriptures, strategically responsive to global and national realities, and significantly contributing to the transformation of its constituents into becoming responsible Christian stewards of industry and community.


  1. To achieve and sustain strategic leadership in the nurturance and development of the education ministry of the Episcopal Church in the Philippines.
  2. To effectively manifest its being an advocate of quality education through an institution-wide total quality management program.
  3. to increase the value [self-worth] of its constituents through timely evaluation and realignment of its instructional and organizational capabilities consistent with government standards and those of recognized accrediting agencies.
Easter College

August 16, 2017. School Year Opening Holy Eucharist at Easter College Gym-Auditorium