Easter Road, Guisad, Baguio City

Today, the Easter Weaving Room continues to preserve the Cordillera culture, particularly the weaving heritage, by serving as an instrument in promoting native handicrafts and providing a home for the enhancement of indigenous Igorot skills.

The room is now a humble building designed to house several upright looms and back-strap looms manned by women who have developed expert knowledge and mastery of the techniques, materials, and designs of Cordillera weaving. Countless tourists and visitors continue to patronize the Weaving Room, and they are constantly mesmerized by the intertwining of rainbow-arrayed threads. They are amazed as Igorot hands daintily and expertly play along with these threads to produce the products that have made the Easter Weaving Room internationally renowned. Having a firsthand view and idea of the weaving process truly enhances each visitors’ appreciation and awe for this native art and skill.
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Easter Weaving Room