The Adventurer

The Adventurer is a quarterly-published news magazine by the Publications and Information Committee of the EDNCP with editorial office at the EDNCP Diocesan Center. Feel free to view or download the latest and previous issues below in electronic* format.

*PDF viewer app or browser plugin is required if you are unable to view/open the magazine on your device.

The Adventurer: Pentecost July 2018

The Adventurer: Pentecost July 2018
(Download size: 15.5MB)
The Adventurer: Year-end 2017 – January 2018
(Download size: 11MB)
The Adventurer Year-end 2017

The Adventurer – October 2017
(Download size: 11MB)
The Adventurer - October 2017

The Adventurer – Epiphany 2017
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The Adventurer Q1 2017

The Adventurer – Pentecost 2017
(Download size: 16MB)
The Adventurer Q2 2017